Frequently Asked Questions

Pick Your Favourite is a social networking platform where you can register and post your favourite things like your favourite sport, favourite movie, favourite book, etc. Your posts are visible to other members on this website and they can comment on your favourite (pick) and share their views on your pick. They can also vote in favour (up-vote) of your pick or they can vote against (down-vote) your pick. The more the number of comments and votes your pick gathers, the more popular it becomes. Your pick may also feature in the "Most Voted" section on the home page, if your pick is amongst the top 4 most-voted picks.

We all have some things close to our heart that we call as "our favourites". We casually talk about them with our friends or relatives. But think how much fun it would be to share them with the entire world! We will actually become a part of the huge community of like-minded people who share their similar views about your favourites (picks). That may also help you discover some interesting facts about your favourites. May it be a different perspective on your favourite movie, or an interesting fact about the author of your favourite book. Imagine the whole new world of knowledge along with fun that will be thrown open for you! It may also result in you connecting with people across the globe and having meaningful conversations with them on your favourite topic.

Posting your favourite picks on is easy. Just click on the menu on the top right, click on Sign-In and logon to the website. You may choose to sign-in using your Facebook or Google Plus login OR the link provided for Signing up. Signing up is easy and you just need to provide your Name and Email Address and there you go! Once registered on the website (either by signing up OR by logging in via Facebook/Google Plus for the first time) you will receive an email with a link to activate your account on the website. Click on the link and activate your account. Once your account is activated, you are ready to start picking!

Note: The activation link is active only for 24 hours from the time you register on the website. If you do not activate the account within that time span, the link will expire and your account will get deleted from the website. In that case you may have to register on the website again.

Other social networking websites are open platforms and allow members to post anything and everything that the members feel like. That makes the platform very cluttered and the focus is lost. on the other hand is focused, though it is a social platform. This platform, too, has user generated content, but the objective is to create a social network around the topics that are close to your heart and in the end have enough content to keep you engaged with this platform.